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LifeStars Sterling silver starLifeStars sterling silver, nickel or gold tone star jewelry is a symbol of gratitude and awareness for the precious gift of organ or tissue donation. Our line includes handmade, sterling silver necklaces and earrings as well as nickel and gold tone items, ideal as a precious gesture to a donor or family member, or just as a reminder to yourself of your loved one.

Marcie Waldron is a transplant recipient who received the gift of life in 1997. Inspired by her donor’s family, she Gifts for Organ Donorsdesigned sterling silver LifeStars jewelry as a tribute gift to donors and their families.

The LifeStars' central spiral depicts the continuity of life. It travels a new path and creates a new shape — a star — representing new life. It can be given to living donors, transplant recipients and to families who treasure past memories.

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